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QS Print & Piece Fuse Lite

Ideal for turned edge applique! This fiber-based foundation gives solid yet soft support for detailed or heavy stitching and the temporary fuse keeps fabrics from shifting or pulling. The fibers of Select Print & Piece Fuse Lite are partially water-soluble; simply dampen the stitching lines and the foundation is removed easily without distorting stitches!

Directions for Use and Care

Directions for general use as a stabilizer for embellishment:

    • Directions for general sse as a stabilizer for embellishment

    • Position the fusible side of Print & Piece Fuse Lite over the wrong side of the fabric.

    • Cover the stabilizer with a cotton pressing cloth or piece of muslin. It is also OK to press from the fabric side instead of the stabilizer side.*

    • Press with the iron with an up-and-down motion, not side-to-side. If a bond is not achieved, slightly increase your iron temperature and try again.**

    • Once stitching is complete, slightly dampen the stitching line and pull away the stabilizer.

      *Remember that all irons heat differently. We recommend testing on scrap fabric before beginning your project.

      **The fusible coating on the stabilizer was designed to be temporary. If the iron temperature used is too hot, the bond may become permanent.

Directions for needle turn appliqué:

    • Print or trace the image on to the non-fusible side of the stabilizer.

    • Trim away the excess stabilizer by cutting directly on the lines.

    • Fuse the stabilizer/image onto the wrong side of the fabric being used for the appliqué.

    • Trim the fabric to within a generous ¼? of the stabilizer/ image.

    • Use a fabric-safe glue stick and lightly coat the edge of the stabilizer/image.

    • Turn the fabric so that it sticks to the glue.

    • The appliqué is now ready to be stitched into place on your quilt block, garment or home dec project!

    • There is no need to remove the stabilizer from behind the appliqué: when washed, half of the fibers will dissipate; the other fibers will create a slight loft under the appliqué.

Washer and Dryer Safe

Cool water and low drying temperature recommended.

Press using a medium setting on your iron.

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