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QS Appli-Stick Tape

Eliminate pinning by fusing this repositionable tape to the back of quilt bindings, decorative trims, piping, cording, zippers and more - Appli-Stick holds almost anything in place until you are ready to sew!

One side of the Appli-Stick tape has a fusible coating, while the other is sticky, allowing you to securely position and reposition your embellishment until you are satisfied. Then, simply press it in place with your iron to hold it securely for stitching.

To use:

  • Fuse the Appli-Stick tape to the back of your embellishment (binding, trim, etc.).
  • Peel off the protective paper sheet from the back of the tape, revealing the sticky side of the Appli-Stick.
  • Position your embellishment, repositioning as many times as necessary, then press them it place with your iron. It is now ready for stitching!

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