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Embroidery Works Advanced


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call (303) 317-2004 for more information.


Quick Overview

EmbroideryWorks Advanced gives experienced embroiderers the necessary tools for precise customization of embroidery designs. Easy-to-use, automatic editing features combined with user-friendly, additional options make this software the perfect choice for fine-tuning embroidery designs.

If you’ve been looking for easy embroidery editing software that you can use with your Mac computer, your search is over. All of the same great features from the PC version of EmbroideryWorks are on the Mac version. Plus, if you already own EmbroideryWorks for your PC and also want it on your Mac, you can download the Mac version here!

Stitch Editing

EmbroideryWorks Everyday

  • Split, move, insert or delete stitches to fine tune designs
  • Use Split into Hoop to split designs anywhere
  • Freehand lasso groups of stitches for editing
  • Use the Brush select tool to select stitches while dragging the mouse
  • Change a selected section in a design from a fill to a 1, 2, or 3 column satin stitch using the Satinizer
  • Compensate slider can be used to add width to selected areas in a design

Stitch Perfect

EmbroideryWorks Advanced

  • Automatically adjust stitches based on fabric choice
  • Move, insert or delete stitches to fine-tune designs


EmbroideryWorks Advanced

  • Resize designs down to 50% or up to 250% of original design
  • Stitches automatically change from satin stitch to satin fill stitch as needed when using lettering or EmbroideryWorks library designs

Density Map & The Sweep

EmbroideryWorks Advanced EmbroideryWorks Advanced

  • Review density on the density map before embroidering
  • Automatically find and remove hidden stitches - great for overlapped designs
  • In EmbroideryWorks Advanced you can manually adjust and fine-tune density to your liking


EmbroideryWorks Advanced

  • Combine multiple designs for a completely unique creation
  • Merge designs and fonts for completely original monograms or lettering


EmbroideryWorks Everyday

  • Randomly arrange small designs to fill areas
  • Quickly embellish wall hangings, quilts and other large projects

Built-in Fonts & Circle/Spiral Text

EmbroideryWorks Everyday

  • Use circle text to create a circular design, fit lettering around designs
  • As the circle size is decreased, text spirals in on itself to create a swirling effect

Mirror x 4

EmbroideryWorks Everyday

  • Copy designs up to four times for a unique mirror effect
  • Create beautiful frames for home décor or quilt blocks

AccuQuilt Appliqué Library

EmbroideryWorks Everyday

  • Over 100 shapes work seamlessly with the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter

Built-in Appliqué Frames

EmbroideryWorks Everyday

  • Create an original appliqué design with inspirational appliqué frames


EmbroideryWorks AdvancedEmbroideryWorks Advanced

  • Add a baste file around any selected design
  • A baste stitch can be added to the entire hoop perimeter

Thread Editor

EmbroideryWorks EverydayEmbroideryWorks Everyday

  • Create and edit your own custom thread chart
  • Mark threads from any brand to help keep track of the threads you have and those you need
  • Create your own custom variegated threads and apply them to designs for a realistic preview.

Text Enveloping

EmbroideryWorks Everyday

  • Shape text using one of the four styles
  • Use text pathing to create a unique layout

Font Importer

EmbroideryWorks Advanced

  • Expand your font library for even more creative lettering solutions
  • Quickly import lettering files and use them as built-in fonts

Instant Repeat

EmbroideryWorks Advanced

  • Quickly and easily repeat designs in a uniform pattern
  • Control the spacing and stagger rows and columns


EmbroideryWorks Advanced

  • Arrange designs in a circular, carousel path
  • Surround other designs for a unique framed look

Precise Position

EmbroideryWorks Advanced

  • Easily place designs in specified areas of the workspace

Compare EmbroideryWorks Everyday and Advanced

FEATURES BENEFITS Everyday  Advanced
Design Editing Achieve the perfect design - rotate, flip or merge designs
Sizing Maintain flawless stitch outs of resized designs with automatic stitch recalculation
The Sweeps Automatically clean up designs while removing hidden stitches on overlaps
Density Map Review and adjust density before you sew
Project Advisor Follow needle, hoop and stabilizer recommendations for specific projects - take out the guesswork
Mirror x 4 Copy designs up to four times for a unique mirror effect
Scatter Randomly arrange small designs to fill areas
Lettering 12 built-in fonts to personalize every project
Lettering Placement Options Create multi-line, circle and spiral lettering styles
AccuQuilt® Shapes Over 100 builtin shapes work seamlessly with eh AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter for precise, easy applique, Stitch options can be changed for molre variety
12 Built-in Applique Frame Beautiful embroidery frames to complement designs
File Splitting Automatically split designs to fit selected hoop size
Customized Thread Palette Choose the thread brand of your choice
Ghost Mode Selections are highlighted as you edit while other parts of the design are ghosted
Design Converter Convert designs to most home embroidery formats
Quick Start Guide Learn to use EmbroideryWorks tools with this simple guide
Instant Repeat Repeat a design in a uniform pattern by selecting number of designs across and down and the distance between each design  
Carousel Automatically adjust stitches based on fabric choice  
StitchPerfect Arrange designs in a circular, carousel path  
Stitch Editor Move, insert or delete stitches to fine-tine design  
Lettering and Monograms 44 built-in fonts to personalize each project - includes monogram styles  
Font Importer Import letter design files to utilize like a built-in font  
40 Built-in Appliqué Frames Over 40 beautiful embroidery frames to complement designs  
Advanced Hoop Splitting Pinpoint where design will split to fit desired hoop  
Advanced Hoop Selection Create hoops of various sizes for custom projects  
Precise Position Easily place designs in specified areas of workspace  
Sew@Home Classes Online classes included; Each class had a $ 19.99 Value 1 2

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