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DG Creator Level 2


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call (303) 317-2004 for more information.

Quick Overview

Creator - Level 2 takes your custom embroidery to the next level. This digitizing software incorporates the essential tools of Creator - Level 1 along with advance features that open up new worlds of creativity. Expand your embroidery repertoire with custom satins, inclinations, contour stitching, embossed fills and more. Plus, Level 2 introduces Continuous View Mode to help you create with minimal disruption.

Drawing Tools


    • Trace any image, shape or design for automatic digitizing. Then edit the resulting file with the Magic Wand and other easy-to-use drawing tools for limitless embroidery design possibilities.


Built-in Designs & Fonts


    • Works with existing TrueType™ art formats

    • Personalize every project with one of 200-plus built-in shapes

    • Choose from more than 150 motifs for runs and fills


Fills and Borders, Including Applique


    • Customize line stitching with your choice of runs and fills

    • Use a variety of borders to create traditional and custom appliqué


Variety of Decorative Stitches


    • Select and Customize Stitches:

    • Freestanding lace

    • Stipple

    • Cross Stitch

    • Motif run

    • Motif fill

    • Lace Stitches


Manually Placed Stitches


    • Use any artwork as a temperature for digitizing with the manual punch feature. Define the areas you want to stitch, then control the exact placement and type of stitches you wish to use in any digitized design.


Candlewick, Motif and Contour Fill


    • Embellish a variety of items with the decorative candlewick and French knot effects, and contour fill with a few mouse clicks.


Bezier Mode


    • Using the Bezier curve tool, you can create curves and other shapes with ease. Simpy grab control points and drag them to change the shape. Define even complex shapes with a minimum number of control points.


Add Inclinations


    • Smooth out complex fills and satins by adding inclination lines and setting the direction in which the fill will sew. This intuitive tool lets you add inclinations within a few simple steps.


Designer's Gallery Creator at a Glance


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