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Strippers Charity Sew Group-T

A local group of ladies join together on Thursday mornings for some uninterrupted sew time.

Beginning Brazilian Hand Embroidery- T

Brazilian Embroidery is a highly textured, dimensional embroidery that uses a variety of stitches to create floral and floral-related designs. Stitches commonly used in Brazilian Embroidery include bullion knots, French knots, cast-on stitch, drizzle stitch, and pretty much any stitch that can be used to produce dimensional floral elements. Other stitches like stem stitch, fly stitch and feather stitch are often used for stems and background foliage.

Multi Needle Club-T

Yes, even Patrick gets to teach a club! Join Patrick as he takes you through learning all about your multi needle machines, hoops, camera technology, basic operation, after market products plus much more!

May 25
Make Yourself at Home Quilt Work-Shop-T
May 28
Sew & Tell- T
May 28
Embroidery Club-T

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